Marquees, Tents, and Gazebos

Marquees, Tents, and Gazebos

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Marquees, Tents, and Gazebos

While they all you shelter over your head the difference lies in many aspects can affect what you choose for what purpose.


A very big tent essentially.

If you're looking to host a large event where there will be many people attending and you need to create an undercover area in which you can customize to suit the purpose marquees is a viable choice. From backyard get-togethers to extravagant weddings marquees allow you and everyone else to enjoy the outside in comfort and luxury.

Often chosen in lieu of venue hiring for holding an event as there are many benefits to using a marquee including cost and customization. You can set it up yourself or work with the marquee hire company instead of having to hidden venue hire charges that can include decor charges, cloakroom facilities, and health and saftey costs.

They can vary in appearance drastically; from the medieval-esque garden feast giant tents to modern clear-span marquees that you can find at an extravagant wedding or sheltering fashion runways and attendees within a busy city street.

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If marquees could be said to be a giant tent then this is where it all starts from.

Exclusively for the outdoors tents have become synonymous with hiking and enjoying the outdoors by yourself, some people, or even your family plus extended and guests. The range of tents available can boggle ones mind not to mention the details and specificities that could take up multiple weekends to unravel.

For the most part tent manufacturer's have gotten the job done right with translating the tent's details into real world usage that include amount of persons, how they handle different elements, what situations it would be used for, and more. No matter what situation you're in for there is a tent for you.

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With the ability to change the look and feel of your backyard for a small investment you too can have the luxury of being in your garden in style and comfort.

Made of pillars and a roof structure with open sides gazebos are a place of shelter and relaxation, holding events, and any other purposes you can think of with the right furnishings all year-round.

While there are permanent fixtures pop-up gazebos are also available for those that want to be able to put it away when not in use. 

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