Seat and Posture Cushions

Seat and Posture Cushions

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If you have a problem with slouching or leaning uncomfortably while at the desk seat cushions are a way to get your buttocks and spine into the correct position. But why would you want to do that? Read on to find out more.

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What Are They?

Seat and posture cushions assist in reducing pain and discomfort that arises when you sit for long periods of time.An alternative to ergonomic chairs the portability of a seat cushion means that you can have them on hand wherever you need support. Made of many different types of materials that include foam, memory foam, and gel they all are designed to get your back into shape.

You can split them into three general categories:

  • Back cushions are placed  behind your lower back for support and comfort.
  • Lumbar rolls ( also known D Roll cushions) are for the small of your back to get your spine into it natural form.
  • Wedge cushions are placed directly on the chair to let your spine and pelvis tilt forward so your hips are in a good position.

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What Do They Do?

Unlike the hip and pelvis-squeezing, and spine misaligning chairs that we all so commonly sit on seat cushions let you 'sit actively', meaning that your back muscles work to remain stable. This brings about the natural shape and form of your back into a good posture which imparts many health benefits onto you.

This includes reducing pressure and stress on the spinal column and tailbone (coccyx), allowing better blood circulation for your pelvis, legs, and back, better food digestion, and even avoid early death.

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What Are They Made Of?

While there are some advertised as the be-all-end-all you can never be too sure. with materials such as latex foam, memory foam, gel foam, air cell and more each have their own properties, advtantages, and disadvantages that must be considered to cater for your own personal and unique situation. Speaking to a doctor will let you be informed of each and whether or not one is better suited for you over the other types.

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